About Us

AirSanity™ was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Melissa Jones after she contacted a friend working with PurThread®. Melissa quickly realized that she could bring the antimicrobial benefits of this product to in-need consumers while supporting her friend through her vision: AirSanity™.

She’s since launched AirSanity alongside her good friend, Schyler. They are both moms of children who are great friends as well. While being a mom is their number one focus, they found AirSanity was also a good fit and easily incorporated their talents and interests.

Says Melissa: "I decided to create AirSanity with commuter health in mind. As a frequent traveler myself, I was disturbed by shorter airplane turnaround times and less time for thorough cleaning. I wanted something that would make me feel more comfortable with my surroundings and ensure my standards for hygiene were met. AirSanity was created to be another line of defense for anyone inhabiting public space for an extended amount of time.”